Healthy And Quick Breakfast Recipe For Monday

Quick Breakfast Meal

One Week-Seven Days-Seven Healthy And Quick Breakfast Recipes.
We all are finding ways to prepare and eat healthy first meals. Simultaneously, finding ways to be ready for the work on time!
This Monday recipe is a part of series of seven healthy and quick breakfast recipes for your seven days of the week.

Apart from daily exercise, starting your day with a first healthy meal is crucial to maintain a healthy day-to-day life. Specially, a proper nourishment for your healthy working mind and body. The energy you require for everyday work, is decided by your first meal. During the morning rush for work and breakfast, sometimes we skip our main breakfast food. We then prefer to purchase quick junk food, on the driveway to Office/work. Which isn’t Healthy! Right?
To cope up with this, our team has bought seven healthy and quick breakfast recipes for your healthy week without any rush. It’s easy to make for your Healthy Mornings!

Total Nutrition-In This Meal

(In Grams)Total Nutrition/Serving
Fats6.54 g
Carbohydrates44.41 g
Proteins9.24 g
-Continue Reading For The Detailed Analysis *Approx values

How Do You Define A Healthy Recipe?

Food which is readily digestible and absorbed by the body. The right Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. Neither more nor less, the right amount of Nutrition- “A Balanced Diet”. Maintaining a balanced diet, that’s a challenge to conquer! Cutting off Obesity by consuming more Unsaturated Fats like Monounsaturated Fats(MUFA) and Polyunsaturated Fats(PUFA). Avoid Trans Fats!
So get creative with the right ingredients! All the recipes are going to help you remove obese, have a glowing look, boost your metabolism and immunity, in a nutshell-keep yourself clean from inside too.
Continue reading down to get your first meal of the week i.e. Monday! Your Monday Breakfast Recipe.
The specialty of this meal is that you can choose three favorite veggies of your choice, but at least choose one Green! It is rich in Vitamin C, the most important immunity boosting vitamin during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

For Guidance, Checkout Our YouTube video.

1.Sauteed Power Salad

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 8-10 Minutes


  1. Olive Oil – 2 Tsp
  2. Dried Chilli Flakes – 2 Tbsp
  3. Dried Oregano – 2 Tbsp
  4. Any 3 veggies of your choice. At least choose 1 Green veggie.
    For Example: (1)Broccoli (30g/1 Bowl), Cabbage/Lettuce (30g/1 Bowl), Yellow Bell Pepper (50g/1 Bowl)
    (2) Spinach, Onion, Mushroom
  5. Full Boiled Egg – 1
    Egg white Boiled – 1
  6. Crumbled Brown Bread – 1
  7. Salt – 1 Tsp
  8. Basil leaves(For Garnishing) – 2-3


  1. Put a pan on the stove and heat it.
  2. Add 2 Tsp of Olive Oil.
  3. Add 1 Tbsp of dried Chilli Flakes and 1 Tbsp of dried Oregano. Wait for 1 Minutes.Let the flavors of Chilli Flakes and Oregano infuse in Olive Oil.
  4. Next add all the three selected veggies. Saute it for 3 Minutes and mix.
  5. Add 1 Tsp of salt or a pinch of salt.
  6. Finally add all the remaining ingredients i.e. Boiled Eggs and Crumbled Brown Bread.
  7. Slightly cook it for 3-4 Minutes. Don’t Overcook!
  8. Serve it in the bowl and garnish it with 2-3 Basil leaves. Your “Sauteed Power Salad” is ready to spread love.


Olive Oil202.25 g
Oregano8.50.45 g1.5 g0.3 g
Chilli Flakes5.50.1 g1.45 g0.2 g
Cabbage3.50.02 g0.83 g0.21 g
Yellow Bell Pepper70.05 g1.58 g0.25 g
Broccoli50.05 g0.99 g0.42 g
Egg392.5 g0.3 g5 g
Brown Bread31 0.52 g5.76 g1.21 g
Total119.55.94 g12.41 g7.59 g
*Approx values

2.Refreshing Kiwi Banana Juice

Serves: 2
Preparation Time: 4 Minutes
Making Time: 3 Minutes


  1. 2 Kiwi
  2. 1 Banana
  3. 1 Tbsp Honey
  4. 10-15 Peppermint Leaves
  5. Few Ice
  6. 1/2 Glass of water


  1. Put all the ingredients in blender and mix it well, till no clumps of Banana and Kiwi is left.
  2. It should have medium consistency. Neither too thick nor too thin.
  3. Voila! Present your Vitamin C rich and fat burning glass of juice with a sliced Kiwi and 2-3 Peppermint leaves.


Kiwi420.4 g10 g0.8 g
Banana52.50.2 g13.5 g0.65 g
Honey328.5 g0.1 g
Peppermint10.1 g
Total127.50.6 g32 g1.65 g
*Approx values
Vitamin/Minerals(In %)KiwiBananaTotal
Vitamin A1%0.5%1.5%
Vitamin C106.5%8.5%115%
Vitamin B-610%10%
Vitamin D
*Approx values

Happy Refreshing Mornings!
Simple it is! Right?
Try and follow our recipes and tell us about the pros and cons of the recipes to make it more better.

Also, do share your favorite breakfast recipes and your own creations of healthy recipes in the comment section given at the bottom of this page.

Wish you a healthy lifestyle!

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